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INSPIRATIONAL ALUMNI NAVIGATING THE CRISIS: UND Marketing Alumna, Dayna Bastian takes action to support local businesses.

Our UND Nistler College of Business & Public Administration alumni continue to be leaders in crisis. We look forward to sharing some of the stories on how our alumni are navigating this crisis in their communities and businesses.

UND Marketing Alumna, Dayna Bastian, ’18, has taken action to support local businesses in Grand Forks, ND by developing a GF COVID-19 Community Update Resource Page through her role as Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at BBI International. Read more below on the exceptional work she has done.


Q & A with Dayna Bastian

What inspired you to take the lead on developing a COVID-19 community update resource and take action in developing it?

I noticed a need through different groups I am a part of on Facebook that people were struggling to find an easy way to recognize local businesses’ new hours and offerings during this COVID-19 crisis. Our publication, GRAND Lifestyle magazine had a platform where we could showcase what companies are currently doing and our team had the resources to help. One of our goals with GRAND is to promote our local businesses and that is what we are hoping to do with our COVID-19 Community Update page.

How do you hope it will impact the community?

I am hoping that community members will remember to support their local restaurants, shops & local companies because it will be vital to the local economy. A lot of local business owners are friends and neighbors with many in Grand Forks and we need to band together to help everyone get through this. I hope our page reminds people to continue to support local for as long as they are able while practicing safe social distancing practices.

Advice for other students or alumni that are wanting to find a way to make a difference in their communities during this crisis?

Support local. If you aren’t able to support the community financially, see what you can do volunteer-wise. Some aren’t able to leave their homes to get supplies, if you are able to pick-up supplies and drop them off. If you are able to support your community financially; support your local businesses, donate to those who are offering free meals to those in need, and keep spreading positivity. We all need to remember to smile and think positively that we will get through this.

What other ways did you get involved in your community after graduation?

I try to stay involved in as much as I can. I attend many of the East Grand Forks/Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce events as I can, participated in the Longest Table event, and attend nearly every outdoor concert/event that is put on such as: The Downtown Street Fair, Greenway Takeover, and Rockin’ Up North. I also joined the Grand Forks County Historical Society board and am currently the Marketing Co-Chair.

Thank you Dayna for showing exceptional leadership as part of the Nistler College of Business & Public Administration Alumni Family!