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Making an Impact Beyond the Classroom

Anna Roaldson has made an impact beyond the classroom through her involvement in non-profit organizations. Get to know this servant leader and how she has shaped lives both in her community, state, and beyond.

Anna is a current MPA student at the Nistler College of Business and Public Administration who is a servant leader beyond the classroom. This non-profit enthusiast has continued to make an impact “supporting individuals where they are at, to help them get to where they want to be,” and especially serving as the school and youth coordinator for Special Olympics North Dakota. Get to know where she started and how the Nistler College has assisted Anna in her journey towards serving and helping others in the community, state, and beyond.

What advice would you give new students about getting involved on campus? Start early! Head to the student organization fair and check out the different organizations that UND has to offer. Even if the organization is just a passion or hobby of yours and has nothing to do with your major – get involved. This gives you the opportunity to make connections early on and learn from other students who may have already navigated the challenges that occur within campus. It might even give you a new study buddy, friendly face in the classroom, or just someone you can run and grab lunch with.

If the student orgs on campus don’t seem for you, start your own or see what organizations are in the Grand Forks community. College can be difficult at times, but having a good sense of community around you, can make things much easier.

What is something you want to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered for my willingness to serve and help others. We are all gifted in our own unique ways, but it is what we choose to do with those gifts that truly matters. Through my work and everyday interactions, I strive to empower others while lending a compassionate heart.

What does it mean to be a woman in leadership? A woman in leadership is authentic. They elevate, motivate, and teach others to help them define their own leadership abilities. They are inclusive and courageous advocates, and always willing to persevere even in times of failure. Leaders are especially willing to ask questions and go outside of the status quo to enact change that will support the common good.

How have you grown since coming to the Nistler College? Nistler College has helped me realize and utilize skills and abilities that I did not even know I possessed. There are a multitude of opportunities available within the Nistler College alone – you just have to be willing to go out and take advantage of them. Through the academic and career services at the NCoBPA, I was able to find the educational path that was right for me, while growing my professional skills along the way.

Credit: Russ Hons

What is your favorite memory during your time at UND so far? My favorite memory is easily the National Banner School recognition/celebration that was held at the Ralph Engelstad Arena on January 6th. The UND Special Olympics College Club was excited to receive National Banner School status alone, but to be honored as an ESPN Top 5 National Banner School was something more than we ever could have imagined. As former President of the Club, it was also a very rewarding experience knowing all of the time and hard work that our athletes and Unified Partners put in to making the world more inclusive was being recognized.

When do you plan to graduate and what is coming next for you? I will be graduating from the Accelerated Master of Public Administration program this spring (May 2023)! After graduation, I will be working as the Unified Champion Schools Director at Special Olympics North Dakota.