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Attend Admitted Student Day on March 15 or April 5.

Up until now, your high school students haven’t had to think too hard about where they’ll eat, sleep, study or relax for a night of popcorn and Netflix. More often than not, the answer has been right at home.

But figuring out where home is going to be for the next four years is going to be a much bigger decision. So many factors go into that decision and that’s why the University of North Dakota wants to give your students every opportunity to explore.

Students will be able to get a true taste of college life by coming to UND Admitted Student Day on either March 15 or April 5 (whichever works best for them).

This day involves far more than a standard campus visit. Students get the chance to hear from UND professors, advisors and a panel of current students on why UND is the right fit for them, meet other future students and explore the parts of campus that interest them most.

It’s the perfect opportunity for undecided students to get a sneak peek of campus and get a feel for how they’ll fit at UND.

Lunch will be provided, and there’s no charge for the day’s events. Plus, there is a chance to win a $1,000 UND scholarship for the fall 2024 semester! Students must be present to win. Reservations close March 7, so tell your students to save their spot today.

Jennifer Aamodt
UND Office of University Admissions