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Native Dancer: Asset Update

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist


Native Dancer has been taking steps toward accomplishing more authentic assets in the intended game environments. Through the Vertex school courses, I have been able to successfully complete a drum for purposes in the game. I did this using the same pipeline process previously used to create the crate and barrel scene. Below you can see the final outcome of the object.


After this 3D object was created in Maya, Substance 3D was used to create more realistic textures to enhance the object. I added the various wood and leather materials to the object using various tools in Substance 3D painter. The textures were then exported and used to create a material asset in Unreal Engine. From there the material was placed on the object, and the cameras in Unreal further enhanced the final images of the drum. Below you can see the drum next to some of the texture files exported from Substance 3D.