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For Your Health

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SMHS guidance on signs/symptoms of illness

The UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences has produced a new series of guidelines / recommendations for people experiencing the signs/symptoms of illness. These guidelines are now posted to the COVID page of the SMHS website and can be read below.

SMHS Guidance for Signs/Symptoms of Illness

The UND SMHS is dedicated to the health and safety of all students, faculty, staff, and patients. The UND SMHS uses reasonable methods to balance the needs of an individual affected by illness while addressing the goals of safety, confidentiality, and health for the individual; and considers the health of others with whom the individual may come in contact.

Students, staff, and faculty with symptoms of illness should contact their primary care provider for guidance.

Students with a physical or health impairment that may impact participation in education by themselves, fellow students, staff, faculty, or patients are referred to SMHS Policy 3.7 Health Conditions Impacting Student Participation for All SMHS Students. Students are to inform their department chair and the program director, the associate dean for student affairs and admissions, or their immediate supervisor of a physical or health impairment that may impact their participation or adversely impact others. Students completing clinical rotations/fieldwork experiences should follow the direction of the clinical/fieldwork site (i.e. employee health).

Students, staff, and faculty should follow the UND and CDC Guidance for Isolation and Quarantine when they have symptoms of COVID (SARS-CoV-2), are close contacts of people diagnosed with COVID, or have tested positive for COVID. Quarantine is a prevention strategy, keeping people exposed to COVID apart from others. Quarantine requirements are dependent on vaccination status. Isolation is used to separate people with confirmed or suspected COVID. People in isolation should stay home until it is safe for them to be around others.