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Try to avoid embedding text in image files on email and web

As some of you may know, UND asks that if faculty/staff embed images into emails or post them to an official UND website/blog that those image files have as little text in them as possible. Instead, write out the text/event details in question in the body of the email or on the web page.
The reason for this is accessibility as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, because the software that reads emails/web pages to persons with visual impairments typically can’t “read” image files, the email/website in question appears “empty” to the legally blind user of that website of email platform.
The alternative is to either attach an image file to an email and still include the event or message details via text in the body of the email, or include the text in question in the email up front and then embed the image file (maybe after the text), later in the email.
Learn more on all of this from UND here and here.