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From the Dean: Salary, compensation, and parity

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One of the hot topics of discussion on campus relates to the compensation study by the Huron Consulting Group that is underway currently at UND. The Huron study was developed to augment the compensation analyses that UND has been doing for some time. Although this analysis of UND compensation remains a work in progress, I […]

From the Dean: From budget season to Commencement

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Congratulations – and thanks! – to our physician colleagues in celebration of National Doctors’ Day that took place this past Saturday, March 30. All of us are grateful for the dedicated, caring, thoughtful care that physicians and the entire cadre of other healthcare professionals provide to all of us. I’m reminded of the days during […]

Buyer’s market

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Recent graduates of several UND health sciences programs share their experiences as job-seekers. As the healthcare career landscape has shifted dramatically to a job-seeker’s market, how do healthcare employers find employees in tumultuous times? Recent graduates of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences physical therapy doctorate and occupational therapy doctorate programs shared some […]

From the Dean: Taking inflation seriously

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This past Tuesday we held one of the periodic conversations I have with the SMHS family that we call Java with Josh. This time we again had a terrific turnout, with nearly 80 faculty and staff participating on the virtual videoconference call. Pre-pandemic, we used to hold the discussions in the Grand Forks building and […]

From the Dean: Inflation, budgets, and benefits

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As this academic and fiscal year winds down and the new one begins on July 1, we are finalizing our budget for the upcoming second year of the biennium. Per North Dakota University System (NDUS) requirements, we need to electronically submit our final budget package to the NDUS and embed it in their system soon. […]

NIH issues new salary cap

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Researchers: Please note that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released notice NOT-OD-19-099 on April 17, 2019, which announced that effective January 6, 2019, the NIH salary cap amount increased to $192,300. The NIH salary cap restricts the amount of salary that can be paid to an individual from an NIH award and will affect […]