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Jeremy Smith to give thesis proposal presentation on Friday, Dec. 9th

Space Studies master’s student, Jeremy Smith, will give his thesis proposal presentation as follows.  Please show your support by attending.

When: Friday, December 9th at 11 am

Where: Ryan Hall, Room 111

Title:  Integration of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems into Precision Agriculture: Putting the Power of Remote Sensing into the Hands of Farmers


The rapid emergence and advancement of small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) has made it possible for their incorporation into modern agriculture.  Satellite imagery has been used in the past to increase yields and profits while simultaneously decreasing chemical use and environmental damage.  However, satellite imagery has some deficiencies in regards to agriculture that sUAS has the potential to supplement and correct.  This study will analyze the technical, legal and economic aspect of the integration of sUAS into private agriculture in the United States.  A review of the current legal climate in regards to sUAS will be conducted to better understand the possibility of privately owned and operated sUAS in agriculture.  A comparison of satellite, manned aircraft and sUAS will be used to determine the relative usefulness of sUAS in contrast to other proven remote sensing platforms in crop analysis and application.