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Straub Busy Presenting at Several Conferences

Jeremy Straub, doctoral student in Computer Science, who is a GRA  in Space Studies and works with Ron Fevig, gave a presentation at the Reinventing Space 2012 Conference in L.A. Topic: “CubeSats: A Low-Cost, Very High-Return Space Technology.” It was one of the few student presentations chosen for the conference. While in L.A., Straub also discussed student spacecraft projects with David Livingston, adjunct professor in Space Studies, on The Space Show, a talk radio program.

Jeremy presented a poster at the Global Space Exploration Conference in Washington, D.C.  Topic: “Multi-Tier Exploration Concept Demonstration Mission.”

Jeremy made two oral presentations and one poster presentation at the 9th Annual CubeSat Workshop in San Luis Obispo, California. One of the oral presentations, “Achieving Educational Outcomes Through CubeSat Curriculum Incorporation” was co-authored by Ron Fevig, Space Studies faculty. Straub’s other topics were “A Role for CubeSats in a Multi-Tier Exploration/Reconnaissance Architecture” and “A High-Resolution CubeSat Earth Remote Sensing Satellite Design.” Straub also gave oral presentations at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference in Washington, D.C. Ron Fevig co-authored one presentation entitled “Earth Impactors: Threat Analysis and Multi Stage Intervention Mission Architecture.” Straub’s other presentations was “A Feedback-Trained, Autonomous Control System for Heterogeneous Search-and-Rescue Applications.”