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First Space Studies Spring Colloquium Presentation to Feature Dr. Pablo de Leon

The Spring 2016 Space Studies Colloquium Series will focus on human space exploration research for long-duration missions and will feature several leading experts in the field.  The first presentation in this series will feature Dr. Pablo de León, Associate Professor for the Department of Space Studies at UND.

Presentation Title:  “The Use of Analogs as Learning Tools for Long-duration Human Spaceflight”

Date:  Monday, January 25, 2016

Time:  3:00 p.m. (Central time)

Location:  Ryan Hall, Room 111

About the Topic:  The use of analogs to investigate and mitigate risks during long duration spaceflight has been an accepted practice since the beginning of human spaceflight.

With NASA actively engaged in the planning of long duration manned missions, there is a need to increase the fidelity of existing analogs.  It is particularly important to focus on analogs capable of supporting planetary operations, especially with the development of new systems designed to support the simulation and training required for these missions

This presentation will cover the existing analog systems capable of supporting simulated long duration missions, and will also detail the new developments taking place with the UND Lunar/Mars Habitat and its conversion, from a one-module unit, to a multi-module research facility.

About the Speaker:  Pablo de León has been with UND for the last twelve years, first as a Research Associate, and starting in 2013, as an Associate Professor. Dr. de León holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in History of Science and Technology. He was the project manager of the NDX-1 Space Suit Program, the NDX-2 Lunar Suit Prototype, and the UND Inflatable Lunar/Mars Habitat. Pablo is the Director of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory at UND and the Science P.I. for the current NASA EPSCoR grant titled, “Multi-Purpose Research Station in North Dakota in Support of NASA´s Future Human Missions to Mars.”


A live webcast which includes PowerPoint slides will be available here.  Please note:  this option is currently not operational on portable devices/tablets.

The Connect-Pro webcast is available here.

Colloquium presentations will be added to the colloquium website after the live event for later viewing.






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