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Brown Bag Seminar Series continues with presentation by Carolyn Newton on September 29th

The fall semester Brown Bag Seminar Series features graduate students providing presentations on their current research and recent internships. This series of presentations will be held in the Space Studies Library at 12:30 PM.  Lunch will be served.

Title:  “Designing Modules and Testing for EVAs… on Earth!”

Carolyn Newton’s presentation will cover three topics in the field of using Earth-based analogs to simulate the extremes of human spaceflight. The last two topics will be drawn from Carolyn’s work during her internship at NASA Johnson Space Center.

About the topics: 

The first topic will cover an ongoing project in the Space Studies department at UND. Under the direction of Dr. Pablo de Leon, four additional modules will be added to the current Inflatable Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (ILMAH). This presentation will cover the process and requirements considered in designing the module dedicated to extravehicular activity (EVA) preparation and suit maintenance.

The second topic will cover a habitability study of a space exploration vehicle prototype at JSC. In this study, teams of four individuals were selected per data collection session to perform tasks in a high fidelity vehicle. Data were collected and analyzed to highlight important design changes necessary for the next model.

The final topic of discussion will be the 21st NASA Extreme Environments Mission Operations (NEEMO) rotation off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. Lying in 60 feet of water, the underwater living habitat allows astronauts in training to experience living and working in an environment with similar extremes to the international space station. The purpose and data collection method will be discussed.

About the presenter:  Carolyn Newton has been a Master’s student in the Space Studies program at UND for one year. She will graduate in December of 2017 after completing her thesis in developing a different cooling system for fluid fed into a liquid cooling garment during extravehicular activities.