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Sophie Orr to Present at Next Brown Bag Seminar on Oct. 13th

The fall semester Brown Bag Seminar Series features graduate students providing presentations on their current research and recent internships. This series of presentations is held in the Space Studies Library at 12:30 PM.

On October 3rd, Sophie Orr will present her talk entitled “Of Mice and Men: A Summer of Habitat Research.”

About the Presentation: The impact of a habitat on its inhabitants cannot be stated enough, whether the habitat is for humans or animals. Removing an organism from its normal habitat is an inevitable part of research, especially within the space industry. However, the impact of this change in scenery has long lasting and far-reaching effects that are only now being understood. Only through experimentation and the creation of environmental enrichments will we fully understand the scope of this issue or be able to mitigate the effects.

This presentation will cover Sophie’s past and present research into the effect of closed environments on the physiological and psychological well-being of crew members and test animals. Drawing on her internships at NASA’s Ames Research Center and Anacapa sciences, as well as her current GRA work at UND’s Inflatable Lunar Habitat, she will discuss the importance of environmental enrichments, habitat design, and functionality.

About the presenter:  Sophie is a second-year Space Studies Masters student from California. Her undergraduate degree in Anthropology has spurred her interest in the application of human evolution to problems regarding physiological adaptation to space environments.