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Thesis Defense by Mike Jude on April 20th

Space Studies master’s student, Michael Jude, will defend his M.S. thesis on Friday, April 20th.  All Space Studies students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

When:  Friday, April, 20, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (Central Daylight Savings Time)

Where:  Ryan Hall, Room 111


About the topic: Private space exploration is beginning to receive a lot of attention, primarily driven by commercial efforts to mine asteroids.  Such endeavors ultimately will require substantial amounts of investment.    Yet, potential investors have no way of gauging the risk associated with asteroid mining.   The problem statement that drives this study is relatively simple: current estimates of asteroid mining viability do not adequately factor risk into their analysis.  Rather than attempting to build a business case for asteroid mining, this research adopts a well-documented business plan and then attempts to assess the risk implicit in that plan.  A novel application of decision modeling and MonteCarlo analysis is proposed to asses risk.

About the presenter:   Mike is a research manager for Frost & Sullivan, a global market research and consulting firm. He has a background in telecommunications and computing, which includes work at U S WEST, Sun Microsystems and several leading analyst firms.  He has been at Frost & Sullivan for eight years and manages three research practices covering consumer communication services, connected home and big data.  Mike holds degrees in electrical engineering, engineering management and decision analysis.

******Those unable to attend in person may view the live webcast******

1)      A simple live webcast will be available here.

2)      Via Adobe ConnectPro.  Sign in as a guest, or use your Connect-Pro log-in.