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Watch Capstone and S3 Presentations Live

Please join us by watching the live webcast of the Capstone and Space Studies Symposium (S3)  student presentations on Wednesday and Thursday, May 8-9, per the schedule below.  You’ll find the link for access at

Wednesday, May 8th


8:00-8:35 am     Presentation – Team 1 – E-ExTRA

“Europa Expeditionary Team for Research and Analysis”

Question and Answer session


8:40-9:15 am     Presentation – Team 2 – The Europaphiles

“Janus Mission: Final Report”

Question and Answer session


9:20-9:55 am     Presentation – Team 3 – Guardians of Europa

“The Hunt for Life on Europa: A Case-Study of Planetary Protection”

Question and Answer session




10:10-10:45 am Presentation – Team 4 – The Phoenician Clippers

“The Europan Life Expedition: First Contact”

Question and Answer session


10:50-11:25 am Presentation – Team 5 – Space Force

“Space Force: A Europa Life Search Mission”

Question and Answer session


1130-12:05 am  Presentation – Team 6 – Europa Life Search Advanced (ELSA) Mission

“The Europa Report: ELSA Explores the Possibility of Life”

Question and Answer session



2:00-3:00 pm     Inflatable Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (ILMAH) Mission VII Presentation by crew members:  Peter Henson, Jared Peick and Stefan Tomovi?


3:00 pm               Radiation Effects on Plants in Long-Duration Space Flight – Scott Balcao


3:15 pm               Rover Localization and Analog Astronaut Detection Using Machine Vision – Bradley Hoffman


3:30 pm               Lipid Decontamination Procedures for Life Detection Mission – Denise Buckner


3:45-4:00 pm     Break – 15 minutes


4:00-5:00 pm     S3 Keynote Presentation by Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm, “Astrobiology at NASA”

Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, Astrobiology Division


Thursday, May 9th



1:00 pm               Mountaineering: An Analog for Human Space Training – Scott Balcao


1:15 pm               Overview of Sleep Deprivation and its Relationship with Mental Performance – Joseph Clift


1:30 pm               Dinoflagellates (Bioluminescent Phytoplankton): A Study of Enzyme Kinetics in Microgravity – Laura Banken and James Stoffel


1:45 pm               Electrodynamic Dust Shield Performance on High-Convex Surface – Taren Wang


2:00 pm               Classification of a Chondritic Meteorite Found Near Colgate, North Dakota – Justin Germann


2:15 pm               Falcon Heavy and Space Launch System Program Management Comparison – Lisa Brake


2:30 pm               The Future of S3 – Sean McCloat


2:45 pm               Break – 15 minutes


3:00-4:00 pm     Space Law Presentation by Professor Michael Dodge, J.D., LL.M.