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ND NASA EPSCoR Request for Pre-Proposals and Reviewers – ISS Flight Opportunity

2.16.2023 Update: One pre-proposal has been selected to move forward for this opportunity:

Sci-I: Dr. Kalpana Katti

Title: Effect of microgravity and higher radiation on healing and metastasis potential of omentum



In response to the NASA Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) EPSCoR ISS Flight Opportunity Announcement Number: NNH22ZHA003C, the North Dakota NASA EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) is soliciting pre-proposals from faculty at affiliate institutions specifically designed to promote and expand NASA research in North Dakota. Following preliminary proposal selection by ND NASA EPSCoR, the selected pre-proposal team will work directly with the ND NASA EPSCoR office to submit a full proposal to NASA via NSPIRES.

The purpose of the ND NASA EPSCoR program is to promote, develop, and expand NASA research in North Dakota aligned with NASA priorities and Mission Directorates.


  • Faculty PI must be from an ND NASA EPSCoR affiliate institution.
  • Research must be in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) and demonstrate alignment with NASA priorities and one or more NASA Mission Directorates.
  • From solicitation: “Proposals shall emphasize how a flight in microgravity will influence/improve the results/quality of any ground-based research.”

Proposal Submission Timeline:

  • Pre-Proposals due: Noon, Feb. 6, 2023
  • Full Proposal due to ND NASA EPSCoR: March 29, 2023
  • Full Proposal due to NASA: April 5, 2023

Research RFP

Budget Sheet

Online Submission Form



If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for this round of pre-proposals, submit your interest via this online form, no later than Noon on 2/6/2023.


General questions regarding the RFP may be directed to the ND NASA EPSCoR Director, Dr. Caitlin Milera,

Finance questions regarding the RFP may be directed to UND Aerospace Finance Manager, Laurie Baumgartner,



Image Credit: (Naomi Lee, an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Northern Arizona University), Link to Article