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Drs. Marwa Majdi, Jared Marquis, and David Delene Participate in the First Edition of the UND Early Career Awards Ceremony

Principal Investigator Marwa Majdi, research assistant professor of Atmospheric Sciences, and Co-Principal Investigator Jared Marquis, assistant professor of Atmospheric Sciences with their senior mentor Dr. David Delene, a research professor at the atmospheric sciences department, presented their research project outcomes at the Early Career Award Program event occurred on December 6th, 2023. The multidisciplinary team received a $30,000 grant last Spring from the UND’s Office of Research and Economic Development to develop prototype technology that assists operators of uncrewed aerial systems by automatically deriving the cloud ceiling – defined as the distance between the surface of the Earth and the lowest layer of clouds that cover a large portion of the sky. The team worked on creating a unique database needed to support future proposals. The team also submitted two white papers to two different Federal agencies which are NASA under the Advanced Information System Technology program and The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under their Research Grant Program. The team submitted a proposal to NASA and is still working to submit a proposal to the FAA, in addition to looking at other sources of funding. Moreover, Dr. Marwa Majdi was also involved in another research project as Co-Principal Investigator with Principal Investigator Hallie Chelmo, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering who presented the project’s findings on the effect of exhaust from rockets on atmospheric composition. Dr. David Delene served also as a senior mentor in this project. The team has submitted a proposal to the Air Force Office of Science and Research and is also working on submitting to grant programs from the National Science Foundation and NASA.

Photos from the Early Career Scholars Program Event taken by Walter Criswell. The first photo shows the first cohort of the Early Career Scholars Program. The second photo shows Dr. Marwa Majdi and Dr. Jared Marquis with their awards presented by Mike Mann and Justin Berg. The third photo shows Dr. Marwa Majdi and Dr. Hallie Chelmo on the stage with their senior mentor, Dr. David Delene, following their presentation.

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