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Lu Jiang ’12 appointed commissioner on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission for the city of Lynwood

On August 9th, Lu Jiang was appointed by Mayor Nicola Smith, and by a unanimous vote from the city council, to commissioner on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission for the city of Lynnwood, Washington. She will serve a three-year term effective immediately.

According to the city’s website, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission is an advisory commission of the city of Lynnwood whose duties shall be to provide advice and recommendations to the mayor and city council in regard to the following:

  • Achieving Lynnwood’s Community Vision in regard to being a ‘welcoming city’ and a ‘cohesive community that respects all’ by encouraging cooperation, tolerance and respect among and by all persons who come in contact with the city of Lynnwood (i.e. residents, visitors, employers, employees, etc.).
  • Recommending effective strategies for public engagement, removing barriers, and increasing access to city services for our city’s diverse population.
  • Recommending areas for investing upstream and where needs are greatest, addressing root causes of inequities and lack of access and smartly allocating our public resources, and recommending opportunities for community partnerships as a strategy to better understand and address equity impacts throughout our city.
  • Facilitating the building of relationships with under-served and underrepresented communities and serving as Trusted Messengers to the community at large.
  • Performing such other duties as the mayor and/or city council may direct.

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