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Professor Nikola Datzov participates in Junior IP Scholars Workshop hosted by Berkeley Law

The annual Junior Intellectual Property Scholars Association (JIPSA) Workshop brings together leading junior IP faculty from around the world who hold a full-time academic position for 7 years or less and whose scholarship deals with IP law.

The event provides a unique and important opportunity for participating faculty members to engage in robust, meaningful discussions that help shape and influence future scholarship on some of the most important and cutting-edge issues in IP law. As part of the two day in-person Workshop, professors are asked to submit full drafts of a current law review article (or other academic work at various stages) and are expected to read and provide comments on the drafts submitted by each of the other participants. Professor Datzov presented a full draft of his current law review article The Substantial Role of Patent (In)Eligibility in Promoting Artificial Intelligence Innovation.

Other topics discussed at the Workshop included IP rights relating to quantum technologies, legal policies surrounding decision-making in difficult IP cases, concerns raised by forum crowding in IP cases filed in federal court, analysis of the Administrative Patent Judges who decide cases at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, empirical research on provisional patent applications, research on the role of gender in patenting activity for boundary spanning inventions, and concerns regarding compulsory IP licensing of critical healthcare technologies and medical advancements.

The Workshop was hosted by Prof. Tejas Narechania and The University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.  The other IP professors participating in the Workshop were Prof. Courtney Cox (Fordham University School of Law), Prof. Tabrez Ebrahim (Lewis & Clark Law School), Prof. Christa Laser (Cleveland-Marshall College of Law), Prof. Amy Semet (University at Buffalo School of Law), Prof. Sepehr Shahshahani (Fordham University School of Law), Prof. Neel Sukhatme (Georgetown University Law Center), Prof. Ryan Whalen (University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law), and Prof. Joy Xiang (Peking University School of Transnational Law, China).

The professors in the picture from left to right are Sukhatme, Whalen, Narechania, Laser, Cox, Semet, Xiang, Shahshahani, Datzov, and Ebrahim.