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Professor Paul Traynor to present at the National Council of Insurance Legislators November meeting in New Orleans

The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation has invited Professor Traynor to present on the issue of business interruption insurance during a Legislature Luncheon on November 17

The presentation will provide an unbiased summary and update of issues surrounding pandemic-related business interruption coverage. The goal is to help a diverse audience appreciate where and how these challenges emerged, where we are now – including a discussion of various approaches, and what the future may hold. In keeping with the Griffith Foundation’s mission, the presentation aims to be purely instructional in nature and will not support a position on any issues.

The Institutes Griffith Foundation is a nonprofit, non-partisan, non-advocative, educational organization.  Programming is designed to help public policymakers better understand the principles underlying today’s dynamic risk management and insurance issues.  All Griffith Foundation programs are offered without charge, are strictly instructional, and do not support a position on any issue.