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Featured Expert: Professor Paul Traynor: Drivers Are Open to Adopting Telematics for Savings, so Why Are so Few Opting In?

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Telematics can help cut costs and make roads safer, but are drivers ready to trust insurers with their data? moneygeek By  Lucia Caldera With inflation on the rise, car insurance telematics programs may seem like an easy way to secure cheap auto insurance and create safer roads. In a randomized study of 174 drivers over 28 weeks, […]

Professor Paul Traynor to present at the National Council of Insurance Legislators November meeting in New Orleans

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The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation has invited Professor Traynor to present on the issue of business interruption insurance during a Legislature Luncheon on November 17 The presentation will provide an unbiased summary and update of issues surrounding pandemic-related business interruption coverage. The goal is to help a diverse audience appreciate where and how these […]

Ask the Experts: Assistant Professor Paul Traynor talks accident forgiveness

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Is Accident Forgiveness worth paying for? Accident Forgiveness programs vary depending upon the insurance carrier so policyholders should read them carefully before making any decisions. Also, understand that these are insurance programs and are not part of the policy contract or insurance policy. As a result, the insurance company can interpret them, cancel them or amend them […]

What to Do After a Car Accident: Professor Paul Traynor offers expert advice to WalletHub

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Paul E. Traynor Assistant Professor of Law, School of Law, University of North Dakota Should a driver always report an accident to their insurance company, regardless of the scale? No. If the property damage is minimal and below a collision deductible there is no reason to report every incident to your insurance company, however, always […]