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Professor Oyewunmi recently presented at the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) North Dakota Chapter annual convention

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Ownership and Utilization of Subsurface Pore Spaces in North Dakota: A Comment on Recent Legal Developments Tade Oyewunmi, LLD | University of North Dakota School of Law In 2019, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly enacted SB 2344 to clarify ownership and use of pore space. The law essentially authorizes mineral estate holders to utilize pore […]

Professor Tade Oyewunmi recently published in the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy Newsletter

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Underground Property Rights for Carbon Capture Tade Oyewunmi | June 7, 2023 As carbon capture projects take off, policymakers must proactively establish legal frameworks and regulations to address potential disputes surrounding access and utilization of subsurface pore spaces for CO2 storage. Introduction As of 2022, there were about┬áthirty operational and seventy carbon capture, utilization, and […]