Lab Safety Awareness Week


February 12-16, 2024

University of North Dakota Chemical Safety celebrates Lab Safety Awareness Week Feb. 12-16, 2024. Sponsored by the Chemical Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA), this week recognizes the success of laboratory health and safety programs and offers ideas and information on how to keep faculty, staff and students safe. Best practices for chemical storage are critical to ensure that the North Dakota community stays safe. CSHEMA recommends the following best practices to maintain the safe and responsible use of chemicals, including waste, in an academic research setting, in line with state and federal regulations.

  • Always consult your safety data sheets for specific storage and segregation requirements for your chemicals and chemical hazardous waste.
  • Store in groups based on their compatibility. Do not store your chemicals in alphabetical order, except within each hazard class.
  • Store your flammable chemicals in flammable cabinets or fridges specifically designed for flammable storage purposes. Store in compatible containers that are in good condition.
  • Label ALL chemicals with the full name of the chemical, its hazards, and date of receipt, as well as open and expiration dates. This includes any in-house mixtures, samples and waste. This is a regulatory requirement. Contact – The Office of Safety at for advice on proper labeling requirements.
  • Review the chemical safety data sheets to ensure you have the necessary personal protective equipment and spill kits before you order a chemical or create waste. This is critical to safely conduct experiments and address spills, spill kits and other safety equipment. Keep the community safe and ready for emergencies.



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