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North Dakota Small Business Development Centers partners with Mainvest to spur community investment in local small businesses

Mainvest and the North Dakota Small Business Development Centers announce “Investing in Main Street North Dakota,” a local program allowing individuals to invest as little as $100 directly into locally owned small businesses

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – The North Dakota Small Business Development Centers (ND SBDC) has partnered with Mainvest, an investment platform enabling small businesses to harness community investment to fuel their growth. The two organizations have launched “Investing in Main Street North Dakota:” a program that enables individuals to become investors in the state’s small business community while providing local entrepreneurs with the capital they need, on fair terms, to grow their businesses while deepening their connection with the surrounding community. One of the first programs of its kind in the country, Investing in Main Street North Dakota is paving the way to build stronger local economies and improve wealth-building opportunities for all residents.

Through this program, small businesses have a streamlined process to begin raising funds through Mainvest via Regulation Crowdfunding and may benefit from running investment campaigns alongside other local businesses, thus opening up additional marketing opportunities. Investors can view all North Dakota small businesses open for investment on the program portal page, giving communities an all-in-one resource to drive investment into locally owned businesses.

“For 37 years, the ND Small Business Development Centers have been supporting Main Street, North Dakota. Our small businesses are the foundation of each community across our state and we believe this partnership will greatly enhance their success,” said Tiffany Ford, ND SBDC State Director. “This partnership helps to fill a gap in current offerings, and also provides an alternative opportunity for financing projects that will build up our communities. By investing in the local businesses that make our cities and towns feel like home, we as community members are empowered to drive the success of our own Main Street. When small businesses thrive, communities thrive, North Dakota thrives.”

Learn more about the program and have an opportunity to ask questions at a virtual launch event scheduled for Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. Register today and plan to attend:

Over the past five years, Mainvest has helped over 350 small businesses across America raise over $30MM in investment to maintain and grow their small businesses, providing local communities with great food, beer, shops, and experiences, local jobs, local wealth-building opportunities, and vibrant spaces. Through Mainvest’s innovative platform, anyone can become an investor in their community, investing in local businesses and real estate offerings with as little as $100, strengthening the connection individuals have to their small businesses while providing capital on friendly terms to local entrepreneurs.

“Small businesses not only provide us with the food we love, the products we need, and the spaces that build and foster stronger, more connected, communities but present a path to building wealth for millions of Americans,” said Isabel Strobing, Director of Marketing at Mainvest. “We’re thrilled to partner with the North Dakota Small Business Development Centers to give residents the opportunity to invest directly in the success of their community and provide support to local entrepreneurs.”

Anyone interested in learning more about how they can utilize this program to access funds for their business or be alerted to new investment opportunities in ND-based small businesses can sign up on the “Investing in Main Street North Dakota” portal.

About the ND SBDC

The ND SBDC is a statewide outreach program of the Center for Business Engagement & Development within the Nistler College of Business & Public Administration at the University of North Dakota. The ND SBDC is North Dakota’s largest and most impactful small business development organization, and since its inception in 1986, the network has helped small business owners and entrepreneurs across the state, providing expertise, insights, and connecting and leveraging resources to ensure client success, resulting in economic impacts that strengthen local communities. Services are provided at no-cost to clients thanks to funding from U.S. Small Business Administration, Bank of North Dakota, and local supporters across the state.

About Mainvest

Mainvest, based in Salem, MA, is an investment marketplace connecting everyday investors with vetted SMBs. We allow small businesses to secure flexible capital in the form of community investment while giving retail investors access to previously inaccessible investment opportunities in an emerging asset class. Through Mainvest, small businesses- which have traditionally struggled to access growth capital- can use community investment to fuel their growth. Meanwhile, investors across socioeconomic status and experience levels can build a localized portfolio of previously inaccessible small businesses. Using new regulations made possible under the JOBS Act, Mainvest is on a mission to democratize access to capital and access to investment, disrupting the way that local economies grow. Mainvest is a Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) portal regulated by FINRA.


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