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November, 2023

UND Center for Rural Health: Urban native elders’ needs are not being met

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Native Elders living in urban locations have needs that are not being met. This finding is significant because over 70% of Elders live in urban areas, not on reservations. The first ever Native Urban Elder Needs Assessment Survey (NUENAS 1.0) was administered nationally, through the National Resource Center on Native American […]

Merie Kirby named director of Honors Program at UND

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Currently a teaching associate professor with the UND Honors Program, Kirby has taught a wide range of multidisciplinary Honors courses since 2012 Merie Kirby has been appointed to the position of director of the Honors Program at UND. The appointment was made by Karyn Plumm, UND’s vice provost of undergraduate studies and student success. Kirby […]

Joint University-UND affiliated foundations’ statement on alumnus Peter Nygard

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In response to a Canadian jury finding 1964 UND graduate Peter Nygard guilty on multiple counts of sexual assault, two UND-affiliated foundations have taken steps to cut remaining ties to Nygard and his company’s philanthropic activities. The Center for Innovation Foundation board has voted to remove the 2004 Entrepreneur Hall of Fame recognition given to […]

ICARUS device enhances helicopter training at UND

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By simulating clouds or fog while flying, the device – a lightweight visor that changes opacity – helps pilots practice the critical transition to instrument flight Suppose you’re driving at freeway speeds, and suddenly find your view of the road blocked by fog. Suppose you’re piloting an aircraft when that happens. Suppose you’re piloting an […]