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UND Sociology relaunches online master’s program

Students can tailor the program to fit their own academic interests and needs

Shown here are graduates of UND’s most recent Master of Arts in Sociology program. Photo courtesy of UND Sociology.

UND’s Department of Sociology will relaunch its Master of Arts in Sociology this fall, in the form of a program offered exclusively online.

The program — last offered in 2018 — was deactivated due to budgetary constraints, according to Krista Lynn Minnotte, department chair and professor of sociology.

Minnotte said an advantage of the online M.A. is the ability for students to tailor their course of study to fit their academic interests and needs.

“The Department of Sociology is absolutely thrilled that the M.A. Program will reopen in Fall of 2024,” Minnotte said. “With the reopening of this program, students will have access to an MA program dedicated to enhancing their skills for a variety of careers and/or doctoral-level work. This program will work with students individually to design a customized program of study tailored to their needs and interests. We also offer a variety of professional development opportunities that will enhance the competitive edge of our students, including participating in hands-on research with faculty members.”

“Offering the Sociology MA in an online format will expand the reach of the program to North Dakota and beyond, while also allowing more flexible access to those holding full-time jobs or attending graduate school on a part-time basis,” she added.

Brad Rundquist, dean of UND’s College of Arts and Sciences, also spoke to the program’s flexibility.

“We are confident that the flexibility offered both in delivery and content will allow students to develop important skills and knowledge in a program that fits their goals,” he said. “I applaud the Sociology faculty for working to meet the needs of their students while preparing them for career growth and success.”

Although the program typically attracts those with a background in sociology, it is not limited to those students, and invites any student with a background in the social sciences to apply, Minnotte said.

However, a minimum of 20 credit hours of coursework in undergraduate sociology or a related field are required for admission.

The online program offers extensive coursework in data analysis and research methodology, all of which will prepare students for both immediate placement in the workforce, or doctoral study.

“Skills that are developed through completion in the MA in Sociology program at UND include the abilities to synthesize existing information, use methods to address research questions, analyze data statistically at the multivariate level and communicate research in both verbal and written form,” she said.

Application deadlines are listed below:

Fall: August 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: May 1

Prospective applicants are invited to visit the program’s website for more information.