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Coming Out Week and Center Awareness Day

The Pride Center celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month with a series of events.

Diversity & Inclusion Staff in their UND Pride Sweaters along with keynote speaker, Angie Freeman.

In 1990, the first Coming Out Week was held at the University of North Dakota and was hosted by the Organization for Alternative Lifestyles, known today as the Queer and Trans Alliance. The goal was to bring visibility and education about LGBTQ+ student experiences to the campus community at a time during heightened social opposition and acceptance. Today, we continue the tradition of Coming Out Week with the goal of educating and bringing awareness to the experiences of LGBTQ+ people on college campuses. When you walked into the Memorial Union last week, you would have seen rainbow balloons, pride flags, and would have experienced a series of highly visible events. This was not the experience in 1990 but because of the efforts of those that came before us, we are able to live a more open and authentic life.

Queer Resilience: Break Boundaries

This year, the Pride Center hosted the LGBTQ+ Higher Education Day-long Institute, drawing in just over two-hundred attendees from UND and surrounding colleges and universities. This was a full day of speakers and presentation sessions to address a variety of topics related to LGBTQ+ inclusion and practices in higher education.

A room of 200 attendees at the LGBTQ+ Higher Education Day-long Institute
A room of 200 attendees at the LGBTQ+ Higher Education Day-long Institute

The Institute was organized by LGBTQ+ faculty and staff at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. A highlight of the Institute was keynote speaker, Angie Freeman who is a DEI speaker and is a student affairs practitioner at the University of Michigan Spectrum Center. Their keynote provided insight and empowerment to engage in action by taking allyship to the next level by becoming an accomplice. The Institute provided timely discussion to understand emerging practices in LGBTQ+ inclusion in higher education from student support services, mental health awareness and understanding, inclusive classroom practices, and more. Presenters included students, faculty, and staff from the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, and Valley City State University.

The Institute was the first of its kind for the upper-Midwest region for higher education. It was built on the foundation of the Great Plains Affirming Campus Conference last held in 2018 at the University of North Dakota.

LGBTQ+ Center Awareness Day

October 19 is national LGBTQ+ Center Awareness Day, a time to celebrate and recognize the importance of LGBTQ+ centers. Join the Pride Center staff from 12pm-3pm in the Pride Center for a Center Awareness Day webinar followed by an Open House.

12pm – 1:30pm – Center Awareness Day Webinar, hosted by the Consortium of LGBT Resource Professional
A discussion on the overarching socio-political climate and larger legislative decisions negatively impacting our constituents and centers across the country.

1pm – 3pm | Pride Center Open House
Stop by the Pride Center to learn about the center, meet the staff, get connected to other students, and enjoy rainbow frosted cupcakes to celebrate and recognize the importance of LGBTQ+ centers on college campuses.