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Isaac Karikari and Grace Karikari publish article on how college students experience the COVID-19 pandemic

Isaac Karikari, assistant professor of social work and MSW program director, along with Grace Karikari, teaching assistant professor of public heath, and Eric Kyere from Indiana University, have published “Differential impact, differential adjustments: diverse experiences of the COVID‑19 pandemic by college students in an Upper‑Midwestern University, USA,” in SN Social Sciences, a research journal.

“As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and the new variants, we will need to remain mindful of our students and their unique experiences to the pandemic.,” Isaac Karikari said. “In this qualitative study, we introduce a matrix of COVID-19’s impact on students. We then discuss how the onset of COVID-19 and its mitigation measures impacted university students across the broad spectrum of their lives as well as the derived benefits (i.e. silver linings).”

The article is available online.