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Animal care per diem rates increase Jan. 1, 2024

Per our ongoing cost analysis for the Center for Behavioral Research (CBR), the animal care per diem rates will increase for 2024 following the model announced last year. Below is the model for the increases starting Jan. 1, 2024.

The chart includes the net cost per unit and the rate of increase over the previous year for mice and rats for the next two years across each cost center.

Per Diem Model over 1 year
Net Cost Per Unit
% Chg from cy23
CBR Mice  $    0.28 17%
CBR Rats  $    0.74 17%
CBR2 Mice  $ 16.23 17%
CBR2 Rats  $ 20.27 17%


— John Mihelich, Vice President for Research & Economic Development