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Dec. 12 video message from President Armacost

President Andrew Armacost hosts Shane Schellpfeffer, director of institutional effectiveness and accreditation, for an update on UND’s reaffirmation of accreditation in this week’s video message to campus.

Armacost asks Schellpfeffer, who has been on the job since July, several questions about the process. This comprehensive, campuswide evaluation occurs every 10 years on behalf of the Higher Learning Commission.

UND has been accredited since 1913, Schellpfeffer says.

UND is now developing what is called an assurance argument – a lengthy self-study that makes the case for UND’s compliance with HLC’s standards for accreditation. A draft of the document should be ready by the start of the spring semester.

In January, the University will host two Open House events on campus for in-person feedback on the document. Feedback opportunities will also be made available online to students, staff and faculty who interact with UND remotely.

Surveys specific to students will go out in February; and a group representing the HLC will come to UND for a “site visit” in April.

Schellpfeffer points to three reasons why accreditation is important to UND and institutions like it, saying, “There’s a peer review process, there’s quality assurance, and then there’s an opportunity to figure out our own campus improvement.”

He also suggests that campus-community members to stay tuned to, as well as communication platforms such as UND Today and the Events Calendar, to get the latest on the reaffirmation of accreditation process.