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Task force to address, ‘How will UND educate students in years to come?’

New task force named to examine future of education at the University

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Membership for the Task Force on the Future of Education at UND is finalized. The roster, drawn from 113 nominees, includes 20 faculty from the tenure-track and non tenure-track ranks. All primary academic units are represented. Two staff members from Academic Administration/Student Services and one student were also selected. Included among the faculty are six University Senators and nine members who serve on 12 different University Senate standing committees.

We are encouraged by the high level of interest among faculty and staff and will continue to find ways to engage the larger university community in the work of the Task Force.

John Shabb and Jeff VanLooy

Task Force co-chairs

Task Force roster


  • John Shabb, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
  • Jeff VanLooy, Associate Professor of Earth Systems Science and Policy

Support staff

  • Michele Carroll, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Taylor Hanson Wald, Academic Affairs Coordinator, Academic Affairs


  • Crystal Alberts, Associate Professor of English
  • Zarrina Azizova, Assistant Professor of Education, Health & Behavior Studies
  • Simona Barbu, Associate Professor of Music
  • Bailey Bubach, Assistant Dean, Student Success, College of Engineering and Mines
  • Dawson Dutchak, Student
  • Chris Felege, Teaching Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Cindy Flom-Meland, Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Dana Harsell, Associate Professor of Political Sciences and Public Administration
  • Kris Hendrickx, Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Anne Kelsch, Director of Faculty Development, TTaDA
  • Kizito Mukuni, Instructional Designer, TTaDA
  • Bob Newman, Professor of Biology
  • Tammy Pettino Oltz, Assistant Dean for Law Library and Information Services
  • Rhada Panini, Teaching Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Daphne Pedersen, Professor and Chair of Sociology
  • Kay Powell, Lecturer of Management
  • Lori Robison, Professor and Chair of English
  • Jared Schlenker, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Shannon Sporbert Webber, Academic Core Advisor, Academic Affairs
  • Heather Terrell, Teaching Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Andrew Williams, Assistant Professor, Master of Public Health
  • Nick Wilson, Associate Professor of Aviation