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VIDEO: Students and parents ask about repatriation, other campus issues

President Armacost, other leaders answer questions at Town Hall

Editor’s note: On Thursday, Sept. 1, UND held via Zoom a Town Hall for Students and Families. The event started out with a report on the repatriation news that had been announced by the University earlier in the week, after which University administrators answered questions on a broad range of topics.

A video of the Town Hall is above, and below is a list of the questions that were asked and the time at which each question occurs. In the video, the questions from the audience are asked by Cassie Gerhardt, UND’s associate vice president for student affairs.


20:29: Do we know how the items (that are being repatriated) got to the university?

23:26: Is there a way to donate to help the repatriation?

23:42: How is UND planning on paying for the repatriation work?

25:19: What about a Repatriation Education Fund?

25:45: Is it possible that past administrations at UND knew that the university had these items and ancestors?

28:52: Is UND involved in discussions about the construction of the Fufeng corn mill in Grand Forks? I heard last year that there were concerns about these new buildings having an impact on the flight areas around the Grand Forks airport.

31:42: When will information for Family Weekend be released, so that families can get their football tickets? Also, how does parking work for Family Weekend?

33:51: How does football ticketing work for Family Weekend – in other words, how can students (who already have access to tickets) and families sit together?

36:04: With COVID largely behind us, we were very surprised to see that three of our junior aviation son’s classes were online-only. We’re not sure if this is common or an anomaly, but it was frustrating. What are the criteria and who decides?

39:09: I have a question about illness. My son has been sick, and his friends tested positive for COVID. He is a new freshman, and I’m wondering: what is the plan for missing classes? For example, can students Zoom in to attend?

40:42: Any updates on the runway closures and repairs at Grand Forks International Airport?

41:40: Will there be an aviation parent Zoom meeting this semester? These have been very helpful, as they give parents the opportunity to learn more about what the aviation program is doing each semester.

42:02: I understand that there may be an older gentleman on campus who is not a student but is trying to get students to sign a petition. Are you aware of this, and are campus police making sure that he’s not hassling students?

44:25: News reports suggest that the human remains were found in a closet on campus. Is that true?

45:00: How is bicycle safety addressed on campus?

46:36: Any thoughts about giving resident assistants (RAs) free parking or some other perks of other compensation, given that they receive only free room – which means they still must purchase a meal plan?

48:49: Can you describe the process by which students currently in Walsh Hall will move to the new residence hall, McVey Hall?

51:03: Can you please repeat the date for the Fall 2022 Career Expo, which will take in the Alerus Center in Grand Forks?

52:12: When McVey Hall opens, will additional parking for the residence halls be made available?

53:37: Is a student considered a current student if he or she is still finishing a flight course, but is not enrolled in any other courses?