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From ‘We will succeed’ to ‘We have succeeded’

UND LEADS dashboards will help campus community track progress of UND LEADS Strategic Plan

By Ryan Zerr

Each core value of the UND LEADS Strategic Plan includes a sentence that begins, “We will.” What follows for each of the core values of Learning, Equity, Affinity, Discovery and Service is a list of intended actions – the “strategic priorities” of UND LEADS.

In total, the plan includes 37 strategic priorities, including 1) addressing the “health, educational, safety, cultural, economic, and workforce needs of our community, state and region” (Service), 2) cultivating “campus environments that are welcoming, safe, healthy, and inclusive” (Affinity), and 3) investing in “diverse area studies, programs and initiatives” (Equity).

Of course, implementation of LEADS involves turning each of these statements about what’s intended into actions that enact or enable the priority being described. Ideas for doing so will come from across campus, and as time moves forward, it will be important to gauge the progress we’re making.

Have we turned “We will” into “We have” for the strategic priorities? Are some strategic priorities getting more or less attention than others?

These are some of the questions that the UND LEADS Implementation Team will try to answer as the team develops metrics and tracks the progress of LEADS implementation. In fact, work is well underway to create UND LEADS dashboards to help us understand our progress.

In a way similar to how the stories in these special issues of UND Today describe concrete connections between our work and UND LEADS, dashboards will give us a way to connect concrete outcomes to the LEADS core values and strategic priorities.

Future UND LEADS special editions of UND Today will seek to use examples from LEADS dashboards to illustrate how “We will (succeed)” is becoming “We are (succeeding)” and “We have (succeeded).” Ultimately, it is the work we all do that contributes to the realization of the vision described in UND LEADS. Documenting our journey and our progress will be key to telling the full story of how the strategic plan is coming to life.


>> QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS about the UND LEADS Strategic Plan? Your thoughts are welcome! Please contact Angie Carpenter, UND’s director of Special Student Populations, and/or Ryan Zerr, associate vice president for Strategy & Implementation, the co-chairs of the UND LEADS Implementation Committee.

You also may offer your thoughts by visiting the UND LEADS Strategic Plan home page and clicking on the “Provide your feedback” link that you’ll find there.

Thank you for your support of the UND LEADS Strategic Plan!


Ryan Zerr

About the author:

Ryan Zerr is associate vice president for Strategy & Implementation at UND.