BIKE IT Challenge Week 3!

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Before You Ride...

Before taking out your bike, do a basic bike check. Take a look at the League of American Bicyclists' "ABC Quick Check":

  • Air:
    • Inflate tires to the pressure listed on the side of the tire with the pressure gauge
    • Spin the wheels and make sure the tires are not worn out
  • Brakes:
    • Inspect brake pads for wear; replace if there is less than 1/4 inch of pad left
    • Spin the back wheel and apply the brake
    • If the bike has hand brakes, check to see that the levers don't hit the handlebars when squeezed
  • Cranks, Chain, & Cogs:
    • Grab the crank arms and try to wiggle side to side - there should be no movement
    • Spin the pedals and cranks to see if their chain drives the rear wheel
    • Check that your chain is free of rust and gunk
    • If the bike has gears, check to make sure the gear levers and derailleurs work to shift between gears
  • QUICK RELEASE: Make sure that all your quick releases are all closed and pointed towards the back of the bike so they don't get caught on anything
  • CHECK: Take a ride to check that everything is working properly by doing a quick test ride


The Nationally Recognized Program, Bicycle Benefits, is another reason to ride! Ride your bike to participating businesses to receive discounts on your purchase.
  • Participating businesses offer a discount to patrons that bike to their business.
  • Patrons who visit that business and show their Bicycle Benefits sticker on their helmet would receive the discount.
  • If patrons do not have a sticker yet, they would be able to purchase a sticker at any of the participating businesses or at Grand Forks Public Health.
  • As noted, this is a nationally recognized program with several businesses that participate across the country, so a person may even be able to find a participating business if back home or traveling.
  • Additional information specific to Grand Forks can be found on the Live Well Grand Cities page.
View Grand Forks partitipating locations HERE
bike benefits info page

ND Bike Path Maps

Find the bike paths in your city! Click on your city to find your bike map:

Grand Forks Fargo Bismarck Minot

Don't forget - we have PRIZES!

garmin watch grand prize
LOG IN and record your stats today! Jump on the stationary bike, rollerblades, or get outside and enjoy the fresh air with a free-standing bicycle. Each time you bike, you earn points!

Every 30 minutes or 5+ miles of biking you complete, you receive 10 points. Wear a helmet and earn an easy 5 points!

BONUS! Every day you ride your bike instead of driving, you earn 10 points. Examples include grocery shopping, going out to eat, running errands, etc.

Earn 100 points and get entered into a gift card drawing. Make it all the way to 200 points and be entered for a chance to win this Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar Watch! Every additional 100 points gives you an additional entry in the watch drawing.

BIKE IT Challenge runs from July 9- August 5.

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