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Glorious Grains Nutrition BINGO Spring 2023 KW

Incorporating whole grains into your diet

According to the Mayo Clinic, whole grains provide us with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Whole grains may include the following nutrients:
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B-1 (thiamin)
  • Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B-3 (niacin)
  • Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine)
  • Vitamin B-9 (folate)
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium

Action Items: Where to start?

  • Choose cereals with whole grain such as whole-wheat bran flakes, shredded wheat, or oatmeal
  • Substitute whole-wheat tost or whole-grain bagels for plain bagels
  • Make sandwiches using whole-grain breads or rolls
  • Use whole-wheat tortillas instead of white-flour tortillas
  • Use whole-grain pastas
  • Replace white rice with brown rice, wild rice, barley, or other grains
  • Use wild rice or barley in soups, casseroles (hot dishes) and salads
  • Add whole grains to ground meat or poultry for extra bulk
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Don't forget- we have prizes! At the 2 week mark, there is a chance to win one of five- $20 gift cards (if you have 2 BINGOS). There are also freebies for everyone who has at least 2 BINGOs.

At the end of the challenge, TWO GRAND PRIZES will be drawn if the participant has completed all 4 weeks (two - $100 Target gift cards).

What IS Nutrition BINGO?

Nutrition BINGO is a Work Well sponsored program geared to build your awareness around healthy food and how to personalize your lifelong eating style.

Nutrition BINGO runs from February 26 - March 25

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