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Zen in 10 focuses on stretching, breathing, and having fun with coworkers! Go back to work with less stress, more energy and better body functioning. Zen in 10 is a FREE program for staff, faculty, and students led by Certified Yoga Relax and Renew instructor, Kay Williams. This is a quick 10-minute movement and stretching session. All levels of ability are welcome!
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Participants shared their experiences with Zen in 10. Here's what they had to say:

    "All our full-time staff from my office do Zen in 10 each week and I’ve got to admit that I initially didn’t like the idea of stretching/yoga on a regular basis at work. However, the more I attend the more I appreciate and enjoy this program. I was never a flexible person, and I also have some old injuries that have caused me back/knee pain and even serious muscle cramps over the years. I have found that stretching even 10 minutes once a week has helped a lot with chronic pain and improved flexibility. It also teaches you how to stretch properly so you can do it on your own." - Andrew

    "Some days it is hard to take the 10-minute break to attend zen in 10, but I remind myself that it is worth taking the time and I need to do it. After I attend, I feel less stressed and more focused at work. It is so worth the 10 minutes." - Anonymous Participant

    "Zen in 10 is a great program! It gets attendees up and about, moving, and interacting with each other. Zen in 10 gives us a chance to see and communicate with each other. We frequently bemoan the fact that we only get 10 minutes on Wednesdays to gather. Obviously, Zen in 10 is not just a social activity – it is first and foremost a physical activity. In my office, it is VERY easy to go a full day without moving around, so I often discover during a Wednesday Zen in 10 meeting that, indeed, my hamstrings are WAY tighter than I imagined. Conversely, sometimes I specifically go to Zen in 10 because I know that even 10 minutes worth of stretching can help ease a problem I am aware of. Zen in 10 would not be the same without Kay. She’s unfailingly warm, kind, and hilarious. She’s truly a gem, and it would be a real shame not get my Kay fix once a week." - Kristi

    "Kay Williams does an amazing job! Ten minutes of stretching makes me feel so much better! I was surprised that just 10 minutes makes such a difference! I really appreciate having Zen in Ten!! ? Kay brightens everyone’s day! Thank you Kay and UND for providing such a great program!" - Carol

    "I am so grateful to work at a place like UND that values health and wellness. I look forward to going to Zen in 10 weekly because I can move even during the cold months, and it lets me refocus and refresh during the work day. Kay is a phenomenal instructor. She brings joy and laughter, and is value added." - Andrea

    "Zen in 10 is the perfect refresher to add the work week! It is short, sweet and effective! I appreciate being able to participate through zoom! Kay is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for having these sessions available!!" -Shae

    "Oh my goodness! Zen in 10 is the perfect movement break for folks who are doing computer-based tasks all day. The activities are beginner friendly and don’t require you to change out of your business casual attire ? Kay is awesome!" - Kate

    "Zen in 10 is a good reminder to get out of my chair, and the stretches help me stay limber. Kay is a wonderful instructor: She's so warm and welcoming, and she has great exercises every session." - Anonymous Participant

    "Zen in 10 is the perfect mid-week pick me up. I'm currently 9 months pregnant and wish it was offered more days. Kay personalizes every session and was so mindful of all participants levels. After each session, I always feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of the day. ?" - Sandra

    "I look forward to Zen in 10 each week. It only requires 10 minutes out of your busy day, but I always walk away from it feeling physically and mentally refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Kay is willing to customize Zen in 10 based on participant requests – chair races and racquetball massages are common requests! Zen in 10 is relaxing, it’s light-hearted, and no yoga experience necessary – it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes with co-workers and meet new friends!" - Heidi

    "Zen in 10 is the perfect reminder to take a mid-morning break. It reminds me to stretch and pull myself out of desk posture, and it also helps me reset mentally. Kay is a burst of energy, and her energy is congagious!" - Anonymous Participant
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