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Gratitude as a UND Fighting Hawk

Showing gratitude in the workplace has been linked with more positive emotions, less stress, fewer health complaints, a greater sense of accomplishment, fewer sick days, and higher satisfaction with our jobs and our co-workers. How can we bring this to our place of work?

Below are some tips for practicing gratitude here at UND:
  1. Show that you value someone that you work with
  2. Practice reflecting when you have a different opinion that someone
  3. Say THANK YOU
  4. Thank those that others often forget to thank
  5. Send an email recognizing the hard work and talent of your team after a completion of a big project or transition
  6. Treat your co workers with a homemade treat, or bring in goodies to a meeting

Week 2 Schedule

Each day there is a new gratitude activity. Set aside time each day to reflect and show gratitude. Researchers suggest that gratitude should be practiced daily. See which one(s) you enjoy most!


  • Gratitude Journaling
    • Write out what you are grateful for. Follow these prompts or write what comes to mind.
      • I am grateful for my family because…
      • Something good that happened this week…
      • I am grateful for my friendship with… because…
      • I am grateful for who I am because…


  • Gratitude Conversation
    • With another person, take turns listing 3 things you were grateful for throughout the day
    • Spend a moment discussing and contemplating each point, rather than hurrying through the list
    • You can make this part of your routine by practicing before a meal or before bed


  • Random Acts of Kindness
    • Take part in at least ONE Random Act of Kindness. Here are some ideas:
      • Pay for someone’s coffee
      • Pay for someone’s groceries
      • Bring in treats to work
      • Compliment a stranger
      • Donate flowers to a nursing home
      • Tip generously
      • Leave a note for a co worker
      • Lend a friend a favorite book
      • Write your coworker an encouraging note


  • Gratitude Contemplation
    • Remove yourself from distractions such as phones or TV
    • Spend 5-10 minutes mentally reviewing the good things from your day
    • This technique can be practiced as part of prayer, meditation, or on its own
  • After reviewing the day, think about how you feel now compared to the start of the Gratitude Campaign. This could be a good time to retake the Gratitude Quiz!

Did Someone Say Prizes?!

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LOG IN and check off your daily gratitude activities! Those who complete 8 out of the 10 daily activities will be entered into a drawing to win a PAIR of UND Hockey Tickets!

Ticket Info: Saturday, January 21st @ Ralph Engelstad Arena 6:07pm

What IS The Gratitude Campaign?

The Gratitude Campaign gives participants daily gratitude activities to complete. After participating in these activities, participants will feel more comfortable implementing gratitude into their everyday lives. Each day focuses on a different way to show gratitude. Try them all out and see which one(s) you enjoy most! Researchers suggest that gratitude should be practiced daily.

Log your daily gratitude activities and get entered into a drawing for a chance to win pair of UND Hockey Tickets! You must complete 8/10 gratitude activities to be entered.

The Gratitude Campaign runs from November 14 - 23

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