Final Brown Bag Seminar Features Justin Germann

The fall semester Brown Bag Seminar Series features graduate students providing presentations on their current research or recent internships.  Please show your support by attending!  Funded students are expected to be present unless work or class prevents it.

This series of presentations will be held in the Space Studies Library at noon.  Please join us with your own “brown bag” lunch.

Our final presentation in this series will feature Justin Germann on Wednesday, December 11th at noon.

Presentation title:   Goddard Space Flight Center Internship: Optimization of a Machine Learning Model for Identifying weather patterns in Antarctica”

About the presentation  During the summer of 2019 Justin interned at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland. He worked in the Climate and Radiation Laboratory where he optimized and debugged a machine learning model that identifies the difference between blowing snow, cloud cover, and surface snow in Antarctica. The machine learning model used data from two different satellites, CALIPSO and AQUA, too create a random forest machine learning algorithm too identify the difference between weather patterns that the human eye cannot differ. The work conducted resulted in the model becoming more accurate with less input information, which resulted in a more efficient model that required less computation resources.


About the presenter:  Justin is currently a second-year master’s student in the Space Studies program focusing in planetary science. He completed a B.S. of Geology, from The University of North Dakota in 2017. He am interested in studying the geology of rocky bodies within our Solar System. After Space Studies he hopes to continue his education in the PhD program studying planetary geology.

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