Fighting Hawks logo Q&A

How was the final logo selected?
The final decision was made by President Ed Schafer, based on his own experience in marketing and design, input from and consultation with members of a number of shareholder groups, as well as the recommendation of SME Branding.

Where will we start to see it used in facilities, uniforms, and equipment?
Some changes will begin to happen right away while other changes will take time depending on rotation and cost. For example, the north wall decals at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center will be updated depending upon price, while some uniforms will not see the application of the new mark until the 2017-18 season or beyond due to cost and the need to place orders so far in advance. UND Athletics hopes to be using the new logo on the football helmets in this upcoming season. So we can expect the adoption of the mark to be a phased approach. Other facilities, such as the Alerus Center, will not see any change at this time.

The last Fighting Sioux logo was very colorful. Why are there not more colors in the new logo?
Logos tend to be a little simpler in their design due to the need to reproduce the image from very large scale down to very small thumbnail size. The previous logo was originally designed as a piece of art which was subsequently adopted as a logo. Some modifications were necessary in order to make reproduction possible. More colors also mean it is also more expensive to reproduce. The new Fighting Hawks logo is designed in such a way that it allows for a very high quality and consistent reproduction across all applications.

Will this replace the UND flame logo?
No, the UND flame logo remains the University’s academic and institutional mark.

Will the school colors stay the same?
Yes, our colors remain the same. To view UND’s official primary and secondary color palettes visit UND Identity website.

Will this replace the interlocking ND athletics logo?
The interlocking ND mark will continue through the next academic year before it is moved to the Dacotah Legacy Collection. Fans will continue to see this in some current applications until such time as updates to facilities and the like are needed.

What is included in the graphics suite?
SME has created both a Primary logo and a word mark. They have also provided a set of brand identity guidelines to help UND manage the brand and maintain appropriate and consistent use.

Will the UND Fighting Hawks have a mascot?
There are no plans for a mascot at this time.

When will merchandise be available for purchase?
The retail release date is Saturday, August 13, 2016.  Nothing will be available for sale until that day.  Watch for more details in the near future.

Why the delay?
This allows retailers and licensees ample time to produce a great selection of merchandise including apparel and non-apparel items.

Will Fighting Sioux merchandise still be sold?
This merchandise will continue to be sold as part of the Dacotah Legacy Collection. Click here for more information about DLC.

Are there agreements with any apparel brands?
There is not an exclusive agreement at this time.

What were the criteria for development?
SME’s research with UND’s constituencies informed the design direction. The result of the listening sessions and research phase shows a future-forward, resolute and determined hawk that is unique to North Dakota.

How can I use the new Fighting Hawks logo for my department/event? Why can’t I download the new mark?
Distribution of the logo will be determined on a case by case basis, and requests must be submitted for approval. This is to ensure that the new logo is properly managed.  There will be information shortly on an event in which campus groups can learn more about the brand usage guide.  If you have questions please contact the UND licensing office at 701-777-2237.