Feb. 21: First session in Women’s Leadership in Higher Education series

Join the Teaching Transformation and Development Academy as we host the first of many Women’s Leadership in Higher Education Series. Event were designed in alignment with our survey of the UND community, and are open to all faculty, staff and graduate students. Information on the full series will be available soon.

“Respectful Engagement: Cultivating a Climate of Respect” is set for 2:30-4:30 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Center for Innovation; James Ray Idea Lab.

Join us, as Emily Holth, founder and owner of Sustainable Solutions and UND’s conflict management consultant, shares the essential “rules of engagement” for how we should intentionally relate to each other, those we serve, our stakeholders, and our community. Our time together will also focus on deep listening and understanding, cultural and personal sensitivity, and compassion. In addition to learning about these approaches, we will have an opportunity to practice building skills.

Register at https://register.und.edu/learning/jsp/session.jsp?sessionId=TTDA.S18.0221&courseId=TTDA.RSCCR&categoryId=10107

For questions or additional information, please contact Anne Kelsch (anne.kelsch@und.edu) or Carrie Herrig (carrie.herrig@und.edu).