Sanford Fogg named UND Student Employee of the Year

Sanford Fogg has been named the 2018 University of North Dakota Student Employee of the Year.

Fogg, who is pursuing a degree in Aeronautics with a major in flight education, was nominated by Thomas Zeidlik, Director of UND Aviation Physiology. Thomas writes in the nomination: “We have a large military pressure vessel that we put 16 students and two faculty inside of with oxygen masks and helmets, and the air is literally vacuumed out to match the equivalent pressure of 25,000 feet of altitude. This is a vital and literally life-threatening environment in which extreme care and attention is required. Sanford “flies” the pressure chamber, smoothly pulling levers and opening valves that pull out pressure and yet supply the correct amount of oxygen directly to the occupants.”

Zeidlik also adds “Sanford is expected to do much more than the average student employee is expected to do. Sanford Fogg has earned my trust in dealing with the lives and health of hundreds of people every semester, both UND students and our corporate clients. Sanford Fogg is a perfect fit for this award and this honor.”

Sanford’s name has been added to the Student Employee of the Year plaque that is displayed in the Student Employment Office at Career Services and he has been awarded a $500 scholarship to UND courtesy of the Division of Student Affairs and Diversity. Sanford was also named Student Employee of the Year for the state of North Dakota and received a certificate and cash award from the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators.