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Hiring Employees: Where Do I Begin?

Hiring your first employee can be exciting but also nerve-racking. There are many questions that surface when you are ready to hire your first employee(s). These questions can bring about many layers. The first question that is usually asked is: Where do I begin? You should already be registered with the Secretary of State and have obtained your Employee Identification Number (EIN). The following are what accounts need to be created. Specific to North Dakota:

  1. NDTAP – North Dakota Taxpayer Access Point – create an account and apply for ND Withholding and a Sales and Use Tax permit, if applicable.
  2. EFTPS – Electronic Federal Taxpayer Point System – create an account and report Federal Withholding which also includes Social Security and Medicare.
  3. BSO – Business Services Online – create an account and report Social Security Withholding at year-end. You will not need this account right away, but it is good to have it open prior to when you will need to report.
  4. UIEASY – Unemployment Insurance – create an account and report Unemployment amounts. These amounts are typically reported quarterly.
  5. WSI – Workforce Safety Insurance – create an account and report payroll when requested by WSI. This is typically requested annually.
  6. New Hire Reporting – create an account to report New Hires. All employers are required to report any newly hired employees within 20 days of the employee’s first day of work.

Make sure to watch for any communication received after creating these accounts. Now that you know where to begin, you will also need things
in place to have ready for the employee:

  1. Have an employee policy book that each employee can read and confirm that they agree to the policies set forth.
  2. Have each employee complete a W-4 and I-9.
  3. Have a set of Labor Law Posters (both state and federal) on a visible site for all employees to be able to see and have access to.

You have now gone through the beginning steps of where you begin.



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