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Success Story – The Range

The Range – Williston 2023

The journey of The Range, a sports bar with several simulators, including an indoor shooting range and golf complex, showcases the entrepreneurial spirit and community support that can turn an innovative idea into a thriving business. Owners Jeremy Stahowiak and Eli Black, along with the support of the ND SBDC and the City of Williston, transformed their vision into reality, contributing to the city’s quality of life and providing a unique entertainment experience for locals and visitors alike.

Jeremy Stahowiak, originally from Wisconsin, and Eli Black, a native of Williston, shared a passion for golfing and hunting. Recognizing the challenge of practicing these sports year-round in the northern climate, they conceived the idea of The Range to offer indoor golfing and shooting simulations. Their backgrounds in retail management and entrepreneurship laid the foundation for this venture.

The unique blend of golfing and shooting simulators set The Range apart from traditional entertainment options. The facility features advanced golf and shooting simulations, providing users with access to over a hundred thousand golf courses and various shooting scenarios, from hunting simulations to competitive shooting courses. The Range aimed to cater to both beginners and professionals, creating an inclusive environment where anyone could enjoy the experience.

The story of The Range also highlights the crucial role of community support in the entrepreneurial journey. The ND SBDC Williston Center, led by Keith Olson, Center Director, played a significant role in assisting Jeremy and Eli with business planning and securing economic support. The city’s willingness to embrace new ideas and provide funding through the Williston Star Fund further facilitated the business’s establishment.

Despite workforce challenges and the demands of entrepreneurship, Jeremy and Eli remained committed to their vision. They overcame staffing issues by hiring a skilled manager and part-time staff, ensuring that The Range maintained its high-quality service. The enthusiasm and dedication of the owners, combined with the community’s support, has allowed The Range to thrive.

The Range quickly became a popular destination for individuals and groups looking to enjoy recreational activities in an indoor setting. It provides a social and competitive space for golfers, shooters, and those looking for a unique form of entertainment. With the addition of a full bar, custom cocktails, and retail offerings, The Range became a multi-faceted experience for visitors of all ages.

The success of The Range showcases the potential of entrepreneurial ventures when combined with a supportive community and effective business planning. By catering to a diverse range of interests and skill levels, Jeremy and Eli created a place where anyone could enjoy golfing and shooting year-round, further enhancing the city’s offerings. Their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the opportunities that arise when innovative ideas meet collaborative efforts.


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John MacMaster says:

Thank you to the RANGE, owned by Jeremy Stahowiak and Eli Black, for providing a venue for golfers (and others)
to relax and hit balls, I have used it during the off-season to stay loose, and work on my swing. Congratulations on providing this fine facility for the community.
John MacMaster

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