CEHD Research In Press: Oct 2023


Dr. D’Amico Pawlewicz is one of the editors of Made by History which has been published through the Washington Post and starting in September will have a new home in TIME Magazine. MbH is a national op-ed column written by professional historians that helps our very broad public readership use history to make sense of current events. CEHD/UND is listed as a sponsor and featured on every Made by History essay, so starting later in September UND will also be regularly featured on TIME magazine’s Made by History platform.

Drs. Joanna Ryan, Ashley Smalley, Caitlin Brecklin, Teresa Grivalva, Michelle Griffin, and Maire Brandenburg received a $300k grant from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction entitled Paraprofessional Routes to Educator PREParation in North Dakota (PREPara-ND). The program will promote scholarship funding support for up to 20 paraprofessionals as they complete coursework required for educator licensure.

Dr. Suazo-Flores published a special issue called Seeing Self-Based Methodology Through a Philosophical Lens in the Philosophy of Mathematics Education journal. 

Dr. Emily Midkiff had another article about her research in The Conversation, this time writing about “Sci-fi books are rare in school even though they help kids better understand science“. Dr. Midkiff was also on Prairie Public Radio talking about her research in a spot called Fanning the Flames of Hope.

Dr. Charmeka Newton also published a piece in The Conversation, writing Racial trauma has profound mental health consequence – a Black clinical psychologist explains and offers 5 ways to heal

Dr. Woei Hung was mentioned in a UND Today story UND to establish Global Center for Indigenous energy sovereignty on grant NSF grant he serves as a co-PI.


CEHD faculty are in bold, and CEHD students are underlined


Ryan, J., Smalley, A., Brecklin, C., Grijalva, T., Griffin, M., & Brandenburg, M. (2023). Paraprofessional Routes to Educator PREParation in North Dakota (PREPara-ND). North Dakota Department of Public Instruction ($297,115.00).


Suazo-Flores, E., Kastberg, S. E., Grant, M. & Chapman, O. (2023). Commentary on the special issue: Seeing self-based methodology through a philosophical lens. Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal, 40. https://education.exeter.ac.uk/research/centres/stem/publications/pmej/pome40/index.html 

Mitic, R.R., Zhou, E., & Okahana, H. (2023). Socializing future community college faculty: Doctoral professional development and career preparation. Community College Journal of Research and Practice. https://doi.org/10.1080/10668926.2023.2256238 

Turnipseed, H. W., Martinez. E., Salsa, G. H., Mitchell-Bennett, L., Reininger, B. M., Dhurandhar, R. N., Dhurandhar, E. J., Dhurandhar, N. V., Whigham, L. D. (October 2023) Diabetes Prevention Program enhanced with online personalized diet plan. ObesityWeek International Conference, Dallas, TX. Poster Presentation 

Nathan, A. N., Turnipseed, H. W., Martinez. E., Dhurandhar, R. N., Dhurandhar, E. J., Dhurandhar, N. V., Whigham, L. D. (October 2023). Obesity management tools for primary care providers: a clinical decision support system coupled with an online nutrition program. ObesityWeek International Conference, Dallas, TX. Poster Presentation 

Zehavi, E., Miller, D., & Link, L. J. (2023). Three thresholds in a single crossing: Harnessing new alliances within a critical friendship. In A. Cameron-Standerford, B. Bergh., & C. Edge (Eds.) Pausing at the threshold: Opportunity through, with, and for self-study of teacher education practices. Self-Study in Teacher Education. Equity Press. 

Brock, J. S., & Liu, H. (Accepted). An investigation of skills, tactical knowledge, and game performance transfer in badminton – a pickleball perspective. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health 

Wang, W., Gregg, M., & Liu, H. (Accepted). The impact of hemispheric activity priming on choking under pressure in badminton tasks: a study of three fundamental skills. Journal of Human Kinetics. 

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Mardani, M., Salahuddin, M., & Stupnisky, R. H. (in press). Examining underrepresented minority STEM faculty members’ motivation for research. Interdisciplinary Educational Psychology.


Williams, L.A. (2023, September 20-22). Rehabilitation caseload management: Tools for professional practice. [Conference Session]. National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA)/ Rehabilitation Counselors and Professionals Association of Arkansas (RCPAA) Joint Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. 

Gregg, M., Hastie, A. P., & Liu, H. (Accepted). The Sport Education Model: Enhancing Personal Skills, Understanding of Rules, and Enjoyment in Team Handball Lessons. Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (SCAPPS) 2023 Annual Meeting in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.   

Rabenn, M., & Brandt, S. (in press). Fostering empathy and understanding: The transformative role of diverse children’s literature in confronting racism. Language Arts. 



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