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Civil Engineering doctoral graduate’s paper showcased as Editor’s Choice in ASCE Journal

Dr. Khani’s Ph.D. dissertation published in prestigious journal — then achieves Editor’s Choice status

In the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publication, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a University of North Dakota Ph.D. graduate’s dissertation has been featured as the Editor’s Choice paper.

Dr. David Khani

Dr. David Khani, a 2022 Civil Engineering doctoral graduate from the College of Engineering & Mines, published the outcome of his doctoral work as a technical paper, “Calculating Column Separation in Conduit Systems Using an Innovative Open Channel Based Model,” in the journal’s February 2023 issue.

“Several numerical approaches are available to successfully calculate the induced waterhammer pressures following column separation,” states Dr. Khani.

But most of the existing industry models work exclusively with pipe systems that remain fully pressurized during the transient flow. Dr. Khani illustrates that column separation may occur in pipe systems carrying concurrent open channel and pressurized flows.

“Examples of such systems and operating conditions are sewer conveyance and collecting pipe systems, intermittent water distribution systems, pump power failure in self-draining pumped pipelines, and pipeline filling and draining,” explains Dr. Khani.

Regarding concurrent open channel and pressurized flows, his paper proposes a numerical open channel-based-1D model, which can treat concurrent transient open-channel, pressurized flow, and column separation.

The results reveal that the model is accurate enough to be used in practical applications and is superior to the counterpart models.

For those wanting to read up on Dr. Khani’s work, there is good news. The paper is free-to-access with one month’s registration through the ASCE Library. After the free period, the article will move into the Editor’s Choice Collection on their website.


Written by Paige Prekker  //  UND College of Engineering & Mines