Chester Fritz Library Updates

News and notes from UND's Chester Fritz Library

Additional Master Planning Open Forum on Friday, May 8th

Chester Fritz Library schedules additional master planning open forum for Friday, May 8, noon – 1:30 pm in Education, Room 7.

Thank you to students, staff and faculty for making time in your busy schedules to attend one or more of the many focus groups and forums held last week regarding the conceptual master plan for the Chester Fritz Library. The dialogue made it apparent that there is significant interest and general support for enhancing the Chester Fritz Library’s programs, services and collections. The master planning process last week kick-started the conceptual phase of what we anticipate being an exciting venture for the university. University Senate asked for an additional Open Forum for the campus on May 8 to allow more individuals to interact with the consulting team. An additional Open Forum using videoconference will be held in Education Building, Room 7 from noon to 1:30 p.m. on May 8.

We expect the conceptual phase of the master planning process to yield student, staff and faculty generated “guiding principles” to drive future programs, services, collections, and spaces of the Chester Fritz Library. From these principles, a “big picture” plan will be developed, allocating and organizing space to best support the long-range vision of the Chester Fritz Library.

Over the summer the report from the consultants will be written and the consultants will return to campus in early Fall 2015 to deliver their findings to various constituents including students, staff and faculty.

A multi-step implementation plan will also be developed to ensure a thoughtful and logical progression of the plan within available funds.