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LibX for UND

LibX in use on and the results displayed from UND's catalog
Clickable contextual cues, such as the UND logo beside the book’s name, will help you quickly search for an item in UND’s catalog.

Chester Fritz Library has released a UND-specific edition of the LibX browser toolbars, available for Firefox or Chrome. What does this mean? You now have the power of the Library’s resources directly available when you’re visiting specific websites, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

LibX is an open-source toolbar, created to give students and faculty quick access to our specific library resources. The LibX button on your toolbar is a quick, one-click way to search for materials in the Library catalog. When you click on the button, a search box will appear, allowing you to search by keyword, subject, title, author, or other identifiers. The results page takes you directly to resources in the catalog.

Highlight text on any site and right click to pull up the context menu, where you will see options to search the Library catalog or Google Scholar for the keyword, subject, title, or author. If you highlight an ISBN, ISSN, DOI, or PubMedID, you will also be able to search the catalog for specific titles or articles via those identifiers.

There are also some site-specific additions. For example, if you’re visiting Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s websites, a book’s ISBN will become a link that can take you directly to materials available in the UND catalog (if the book is in UND’s system). A UND logo will also appear by the book’s title. If you click this logo, it will take you to search results from the Library catalog If you are browsing Wikipedia, check out the References section near the bottom of an article’s page. You will find new icons beside citations that say “Find it @UND,” which will take you to a page letting you know if the full-text article is available in UND’s catalog.

For more information, check out the LibX at UND guide. If you have questions about LibX, contact Zeineb Yousif at the Chester Fritz Library.

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