Chester Fritz Library Updates

News and notes from UND's Chester Fritz Library

Reno Sights

The library renovation is continuing to move forward! As we mentioned in our last renovation update, most of the staff spaces have been moved to make way for construction. We thought you might enjoy seeing a couple pictures from today, so you can find out more about what’s happening around the building during this phase.

Below, the Circulation Desk and services (checking books in/out, etc.) were moved to the south vestibule during this phase, as new lights and a sprinkler system are being installed over the staff spaces and office areas on the west side of the building. There’s always a lot of movement and action going on in this area no matter where it’s located!

South Entrance with temporary circulation desks

But the action isn’t only happening on the inside of the building! As you can see below, the construction workers are removing a window to make room for the new University IT entrance. UIT will be moving into our first floor later this summer, and this will be a new entrance for them to access their space directly.

Construction workers removing window to make room for new IT access door

And we’re open as always! Find out what’s available and what may be inaccessible during this current phase on our previous blog post.