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Best Practices for Communicating Your Research

Today’s guest post was written by Sara Kuhn, former Scholarly Communication & Social Sciences Librarian and current Clinical Psychology Doctoral student at UND. Many thanks to Sara for her hard work on creating this guide for graduate students and early-career researchers!

Do you need help defining your research and determining what to write to communicate that research? Are you confused about authorship and wondering how co-authors for a research paper are determined? Need some guidance on organizing and searching for literature? Wondering how to conduct transparent or open research? We’ve created a new resource for you!

Best Practices for Communicating Your Research is a guide for early-career researchers and graduate students to assist you in determining the type of manuscript you want to write to communicate your research, and for developing literature search and organizational strategies for that type of manuscript. Also, learn about transparent research and open science and how to go about engaging in these arenas through your research.

Have more questions about these, and other topics? Don’t forget to peruse our suite of Scholarly Communication research guides and Ask Us for more assistance or to schedule a one-on-one research consultation.