Chester Fritz Library Updates

News and notes from UND's Chester Fritz Library

New Website Announcement

On Monday, December 16th, we’ll be rolling out the new version of our website, which will blend seamlessly with the main University site in look and feel. And better still, the website is mobile friendly and will be fully available on any device!

Everything that you use on the website either will still be accessible immediately upon release, although some items may be in a different location than you’re used to find it, or will be available shortly after as we redevelop other special portions of the site (most notably, the Bygdebok Collection as well as indexes from the Department of Special Collections, which will all be reconfigured and rolled out as soon as possible).


The new homepage has a cleaner interface and will help you find all library news and information, which will also be posted to our blog with the latest news and updates also appearing on our main library site. As you can see on the screenshot below, we will have updated navigation, a brand new search interface, updates and news, and events to keep you informed.

The library homepage has a cleaner look with easier-to-find news and events



We’ve made sure that you’ll still be able to easily access Quick Links (to find our most-used resources quickly). Also, our 24/7 Chat service links from the top menu in any interface:

Main desktop navigation

The main navigation areas of the desktop site include commonly needed login links as well as our Quick Links and 24/7 Chat options.

Sticky/fixed desktop navigation

After you’ve scrolled down the page, a sticky navigation menu will appear at the top. This includes a link to drop down the main navigation or to quickly click on Quick Links or 24/7 chat for assistance.

Mobile navigation

The mobile menu drops down from the fixed navigation and allows you to easily access Quick Links and 24/7 Chat.


Our search is more streamlined to give you quick access to the information you’re looking for. As you start typing, the options to search Everything, Articles, Books+ (including DVDs and other media), and Journal Titles will appear:

Search library articles, books, and journal titles — all from within one easy-to-navigate search box

Choose the option you’d prefer to search and continue to the appropriate search interface to see your results.

Check out our site on Monday, December 16 to see the new site. Have any questions? Contact Jessica Gilbert Redman, Web Services Librarian.