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Conference canceled due to COVID-19? Here’s what to do

You’ve worked hard on a conference or poster presentation only to find out that your conference has been canceled or postponed. Now what?  

The good news is you can still include your presentation on your CV in APA or MLA style citation! The MLA Style Center has a format if your presentation was accepted at a conference that was canceled due to COVID-19. If you’re working with APA, check out the APA style Blog for more information on how to create a citation for a canceled conference, a conference that will be moved entirely online, or a conference that is still happening, but you won’t be able to travel to present in person. Be sure to check out the CFL Citation Styles research guide for information on APA, MLA, and other citation styles. 

Better yet, you can make your presentation publicly available on UND’s institutional repository, the UND Scholarly Commons! Whether it’s a poster, paper, or slides, the Commons accepts all scholarly output from UND faculty and grad students. Depositing your work on the Commons guarantees you a permanent stable URL that you can use for citation purposes. We also mint DOIs on request. E-mail us at to get started. 


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